Mission Statement



Our vision is to provide a safe and fair competitive environment for a thriving Alberta Motorsports community.

Our mission is to bring together Motorsports enthusiasts of all levels and ages as we help grow and better the sport of motocross. AMSA is striving to promote,encourage all levels in advancing, exercising skills and maintaining positive sportsmanship.

AMSA is looking forward to a fun, healthy and successful year of racing!!

Your 2018 AMSA Board members are working hard to bring you another successful year of racing!

              CHAIR – D’ette Barnett                                              Directors:

              VICE CHAIR – Kelsey McGaw                                   Troy Hasil

              TREASURER – Gwen Craig                                       Martin Hansen

              SECRETARY – Rachel Becker                                   Nolan Hill

              OFFICE ADMIN – Kelsey McGaw                              Les Nemeth