Saturday October 21, 2017 

Town and Country Center 

Airdrie, Alberta 

 Meeting called to order by Brent Plante at 10:20am.  *D’ette stated the meeting was being recorded. 

 Roll Call was completed. With the following personnel in attendance: Brent Plante, D’ette Barnett, Troy Hasil, Amy Wood, Peter Wood, Rachel Becker, Kelsey McGaw, Mike McGaw, Kyle Skelton, Tyler Heffernan, Martin Hansen, Mike Lofthouse, Jonas Alm, Nolan Hill, Joe Koster, Paul Puky, Gwen Craig, Sheila Plante, Hutch Orr, Ron Powelson, Taylor Voth, Terese Gerber, Dustin Heikkinen & Krystie Heikkinen.  

 D’ette motioned to adopt of the 2016 AGM minutes. Motion seconded by Paul Puky. Motioned carried. 

 Chair’s Notes 

*Presented by Brent Plante 

  • Overall successful season.   
  • Brent stated the Board was well engaged.   
  • Good communication between Triple Crown and Off Road Association.   
  • The Board conducted monthly conference calls to keep lines of communication open. 
  • One Drive account was set up, now containing all information in one location.   
  • Conduct and respect has been exceptional amongst the members and Board Members. 
  • Positive Feedback.  

 Treasurer Report 

*Presented by Terese Gerber 

  • Books were received for the previous year in October of 2016 with a balance of $4200.00.   
  • Sponsorship Program was beneficial to the 2017 year, with a final balance of $8118.00 ending the year.   
  • Prizing was a large expense for 2017.   
  • Terese motioned to have financial report adopted. Brent seconded this, and the motion was carried.  

 Head Referee Report      

*Presented by Paul Puky.   

  • From the referee point of view, 2017 went very well.   
  • Clubs/tracks were ready and prepared for races.   
  • Assistant refs were Paul Vissia and Darren Havrelock.  
  • Very few penalties were handed out through the course of the year.   
  • Quad issues crossing the track were amongst the larger issues, however this was addressed by the board.   
  • Concerns to note for the 2017 year included parents/spectators not staying in the designated pit area and crossing the fencing onto the track.   
  • It is important that the spectators stay in the designated areas.   
  • There has been a request that the new Board put rules into place for the upcoming season to rectify this concern.   
  • Joe Koster motioned to accept the report. Kelsey McGaw seconded this and the motion was carried. 

 MX Report 

*Presented by Brent Plante 

  • Overall a successful season.  
  • Clubs/Tracks were happy with the season.   
  • Transponder system was a learning experience.  
  • Peter/Gwen/Emily took the transponder system to another level and gained a better understanding of the system.  
  • Sponsorship Drive went well, but believes there is room for improvement.   
  • Pro pay out and gate fees were adjusted to bring them in line with industry standards.   
  • Social media exposure was increased as a way of communication for the AMSA.  
  •  Communication through means of email with various tracks was initiated.   
  • Referee communication through Paul Puky went well.   
  • 2017 issues included track safety and a Protocol to be put in place for the following year.   
  • Parents on the track was of a concern, with constant policing of this throughout the year.   
  • New board (2018) to discuss the 50cc parents on the track.   
  • Banquet, Fun Day and Monster Energy Cup was successful.   
  • Special Events and recognition awards was well taken.   
  • Overall a positive season with steps in the right direction. 
  • Brent Plante motioned to have the report accepted.  Amy Wood seconded and the motion was carried. 

 ATV Report 

*Presented on Behalf of Keith Routley 

  • New out of province race on the Panorama Ski Hill with a record attendance of 350 Riders for the 2 day event. 
  • 2017 Year was cut short due to gov’t banning all OHV use in the forest reserve South of Calgary.   
  • Last three (3) races were canceled, with no chance to reschedule 
  • Good turnout at the at the early season races, attributing this to the new licensing which was piloted at the beginning of the season. 
  • Insurance costs were similar to what CMRC was offering 
  • Discovered that the costs to CMRC were too great for the coverages they received for each individual rider, with their portion barely covering the costs incurred. 
  • Developed their own new licensing system with success and more manageable.  
  • Memberships/licenses sold @ $70.00/year or $30.00/day  or $200.00/family year       
  • Due to the cut short season they did not get a fair and accurate total on costs, but have worked out he figures and believe the system will be sustainable.   
  • 2018 Goals include keeping up with the licensing structure and looking forward to the 2018 season with 10 Rounds of Racing. 
  • They have also been quoted for Event Insurance for this season and the costs have dropped about 20% for promoters. 
  • Ultimate goal is to keep the money within Alberta and they are willing to share the knowledge they have gained.  
  • The development of an affiliated Alberta race license would help achieve our goals, and by working together on a structure it will help keep us racing and support our clubs and promoters. 
  • D’ette motioned to accept the report. Hutch Orr seconded and the motion was carried.  

 Annual Business 

*Presented by Brent Plante  

  • Regulatory Filings are up to date 
  • Conference Calls every month with minimal minutes 
  • Fundraising Committee was minimal involvement, room for improvement  
  • Special Events was intended to change the atmosphere 
  • Brent clarified association between MX, ATV and Off Road (Off Road no longer a part of CMRC) 
  • Only MX members on the Board for 2017 
  • Jonas from ATV stated that working together has been a plus and wants to see the associations working together  
  • Jonas suggested to propose a contract with a paramedic company to come on board and be present at all events. 
  • Martin discussed By-Laws, AMSA with 3 entities underneath it.  That being MX, ATV & Off Road. Any of the three entities can govern themselves, or can be governed by the AMSA board instead. 
  • Brent explained the Committees and how they work.  Four Committees exist under AMSA: By-Law, Banquet, Social Media and Fundraising.  Many of these committees are solely ran by the Board Members.  Each board member is responsible for chairing a minimum of one committee.  All board members must be on the By-Law and Fundraising Committee. 

 Old Business 

*Presented by Brent Plante 

  • A voting clarification was discussed on how voting would be recognized. 
  • Last season there was scrutiny that anyone had the right to vote on anything. This was clarified. 
  • AMSA members can vote on By-Laws, the Board Members, and serving on committees. 
  • Suggestions can be made to the new board, and the new board can take the suggestions and make a decision. 

 By-Law Resolutions 

*Presented by Martin Hansen 

  • Discussed and outlines the development on by laws. 
  • 2016 was first an attempt to re-write.  It was put forward at last AGM as a working document and adopted. 
  • The direction given to the Board from previous years was to clean up the document and register it with the Government of Alberta. This is to be completed as an Organization. 
  • Working Draft has since been updated.  Essence of the changes are as follows: 
  1. Bylaws to cover governance of association and move operational items to the policy manuals. 
  1. Remove all references to “CMRC”, changing to “sanctioning body”.   
  1. Cleaned up AMSA territorial boundaries. Territorial boundaries is defined to be representative of regions from which people come to the AMSA events.  
  1. Try to define the relationship between Off Road MX and ATV. 
  1. Board Members are to serve on Two Year Terms with an attempt to maintain continuity.  This was not received well and was changed back to One Year Terms. 
  • Martin motioned to have the working document said to be a complete document. 
  • Motion to accept all By-Laws changes at one time. 
  • A special Resolution regarding By-Law changes was presented by Martin. “It is moved that AMSA accept the changes applied to the 2016 bylaws document, and adopt the revised bylaws, as written in document, AMSA_bylawWorkingDoc22, the document name be updated by removing ‘WorkingDoc’, and that these bylaws be registered with Service Alberta as the official bylaws of AMSA.”  
  • Brent Plante motioned to accept the special resolution.  Seconded by Kyle Skelton.  Passed unanimously.  

 Race Cost/Attendance 

  • Exclusive Report completed by D.O.R.V.A in regards to the overall cost of each race 
  • This report is presented on the website.  

 Pro Payout 

*Presented by Brent Plante 

  • Pro payouts were dropped this year and now seem to be in line with the rest of the Country. 
  • Terese stated “Pros are wanting money from Intermediates to be paid only to the Pros”. 
  • Paul stated “Payout given to the intermediate to replace trophies, which works out to be a cheaper solution”. 
  • Discussion was had regarding Pro attendance at the AMSA races, as we did not have a great turnout of Pro Racers in 2017 

 Voting in the 2018 Board Members 

  • Chair: D’ette Barnett 
  • Vice Chair: Kelsey McGaw 
  • Treasurer: Gwen Craig 
  • Secretary: Rachel Becker 
  • Directors: Nolan Hill, Kyle Skelton,Troy Hasil, Martin Hansen 
     Office Administrator: Position To Be Filled 
  • Transponder Coordinator: Position To Be Filled 
  • Terese moved to accept the new board. Paul Puky seconded this motion and the motion was carried. 


Fundraising: All Board Members 


  1. Kyle Skelton (Chair) 
  1. Troy Hasil 

Riders Advancement: 

  1. Troy Hasil (Chair) 
  1. Hutch Orr 


  1. Rachel Becker 
  1. TBD 

Special Events:  

  1. Kelsey McGaw (Chair) 
  1. Rachel Becker 


  1. Martin Hansen (Chair) 
  1. All Board Members 

Social Media: 

  1. Rachel Becker (Chair) 
  1. Shane Corneliuson  


Class Representation   

50cc- Kelsey McGaw 

65cc- Taylor Voth/Jackie Bulbeck 

85cc- Troy Hasil 

Ladies- Taylor Voth 

Junior/Beginner- Joe Koster 

Vet/Plus 40- Mike McGaw 

Pro/Intermediate- Kyle Skelton 

 New Business 


  • Newly accepted By-Laws will need to be registered with the government of Alberta. The new board has committed to complete this. 

 Track Safety 

  • 2017 was a successful year.  AMSA does not currently have a formal process or form of communication for Track Safety. This is to be addressed for the future race season. 
  • Main Concerns for track safety are: 
  1. Track Conditions- Over watering, etc. 
  1. Flaggers- Improvement in training is needed.  We would like to see experienced flaggers.  It may be beneficial to rotate our flaggers throughout the race day. 
  1. Quads/Side by Sides- Designated areas and routes should be communicated with minimal crossing of the track during racing.  Proper protocol should be put in place for crossing of the track. Rules are to be sent out with the Race Binders in regards to the crossing of the Tracks.  Each track is responsible for re-enforcing track crossing rules. 

Mandatory Paramedic 

  • Tracks are encouraged to request that medical staff be trained/experienced with Trauma type injuries. 
  • Minimal 1 EMT mandatory 
  • Suggestion to make it mandatory that all tracks have a Paramedic on site during race day 
  • Cost could potentially be $800-$1600/day for a Paramedic  
  • Discussion to be revisited in the future. 

 Transponder System 

  • Would we have a better turn out at our events if Transponders were not required? 
  • We currently have the transponder system and an additional 3 lap counters as back up 
  • Management of the Transponders could potentially be a concern for future years 
  • Zone 4 Go Chips could be looked at for an option 
  • Will transponders be a requirement for Jetwerx? 

 FM Transmitter 

  • The FM transmitter used for previous years is currently for sale (Peter Wood) 
  • Should AMSA purchase the FM transmitter? 
  • Cost of the Transmitter is yet to be decided (Email will be sent to Dètte) 
  • If AMSA was to purchase the Transmitter some factors would need to be considered. 
  1. Who will set up and take down? 
  1. An Announcer will be needed for the FM Station. 

 North/South Shootout 

  • AMSA will have the North/South Shootout for 2018 
  • This will mean that it will be run under AMSA rules, schedule, and Referee  


  • Memberships are anticipated to be ready by November 15th 
  • We are expecting a smooth transition. 
  • Structure will be in place prior to payment to CMRC 

 Riders Advancement 

  • All riders need to know the Rules.  Rules will be followed.   
  • Riders are responsible for knowledge of their own points 
  • CMRC has been notified of our advancement riders 
  • CMRC Rule: You need 6 riders in a class to receive your FULL points 
  • Referees have the right to move riders up if the rider has advanced from the original class. 

Beginner Class CMRC Rules 

  • All riders need to know the Rules. 
  • AMSA has changed the rules to acknowledge the Beginner Riders 
  • CMRC Rule: All riders earning their sufficient upgrade points while participating in a CMRC series may remain in that class until the completion of the series.  

 Moto Bucks/Swag & Trophy Recycling 

  • It has been suggested that in lieu of trophies AMSA hand out moto bucks that could in turn be used for swag (hats, hoodies, etc.) 
  • Moto Bucks could be used as an incentive to bring racers back to earn more moto bucks 
  • It was also suggested that Plaques and tags for 65cc and over be given in place of trophies. 
  • Concerns were brought up regarding the tracking and balancing of money amongst the tracks if we were to adopt this idea. 
  • AMSA would need the money and man power to implement these ideas. 
  • Further discussion amongst members continued. 


  • Should flagging be a part of the AMSA membership? 
  • Should we try to have consistency with flaggers at every race? 
  • It was suggested that clubs should have a core group of knowledgeable flaggers. 
  • Would a Flagging supervisor be beneficial? 
  • Would it be beneficial for our Safety Committee to have an individual in charge of training/organizing the flaggers? (Safety committee to address) 

 Entry Fee Online (Pre-Registration) 

  • Pre-registration forms are online, however no payment can be accepted online 
  • A square reader was suggested for Credit Card Payment (Each Club would need to have their own) 

 One Day vs. Two Day Schedule/Practise Day 

  • AMSA has nothing to do with practise days.  Practise days are up to the Tracks and no money is generated from holding Practise Days. 
  • Practise day track conditions is the responsibility of the tracks 
  • Should AMSA offer flagging help for Practise Days? This would require the input of the Tracks. 

 Scheduling & Prospective Dates 

  • Schedule finalization was left up to the Board. 
  • Discussions were had regarding the scheduling.  This included early season concentration, conflicts with Nationals, No Long Weekends off.  The Board also intends to take into account any changes in Protocols, and also Pro Series scheduling once the transition from CMRC to Jetwerx gets completed.     
  • Drumheller (DORVA)- Early June or Late August  
  • Lethbridge (Temple Hill) – Round 1 April 28th/April 29th with the 28th as a practise day. Or May 19th, 20th & 21st (Double Header, 1st Preference), or June 2nd & 3rd. 
  • Medicine Hat- May 19th, 20th, 21st  
  • Taber- May 12th (Race Day) or May 5th (Race Day) 
  • Calgary- September 9th  
  • Brooks- May 26th, 27th  
  • Alix- August 11th, 12th (Practise Day/Race Day) 
  • Banquet Day- TBD  


***Meeting Adjourned at 3:50pm**